Tobita & Partners is providing legal services centering on corporate law, labor law, and intellectual property law.
In addition, we are developing a wide range of businesses including bankruptcy / business revitalization, debt collection, land parcel consolidation association (union side), real estate, domestic-relations and criminal cases.

▶ Corporate law

  • Draft and review contracts,Negotiation on concluding a contract
  • Dispute settlement such as litigation
  • Corporate governance
  • M & A
  • Compliance
  • Other Corporate law affairs in general

▶ Labor law

  • Labor contracts, Creation and review of employment rules etc.
  • Dispute settlement such as litigation
  • Collective bargaining
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Other  Labor law affairs in General

▶  Intellectual property law

  • Create and review license agreement
  • Dispute resolution of infringement cases
  • Other Intellectual property law affairs in general

▶ Bankruptcy / Business revitalization

  • Bankruptcy proceeding
  • Civil rehabilitation proceedings
  • Company reorganization proceedings
  • Private arrangement procedure