▶ Introduction

Tobita & Partners is a law firm with four lawyers familiar with Japanese law practices. The center of handling business is corporate legal affairs, labor legal affairs (on the user side), legal affairs of intellectual property, and trial practice (of any genre). 
We keep three things in our daily work.
① Provide high-quality legal services overwhelming others 
② Rapid response not to wait for clients 
③ Provide services at reasonable cost (reasonable amount) 
Also, not just a lawyer group, we also treat the case as an office systematically and efficiently.

We aim not to be unfair means such as violence, harassment, fraud, but aim to be useful for society and people's lives by understanding and using the law which is the wisdom of human beings.

▶ Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help each individual to realize a rich and free society by supporting business.
  • We will provide "best" legal services to our clients.
  • We dedicate ourselves to self-discipline so that each of us can become a "first-class" lawyer.
  • We will build the "strongest" team with the organizational strength that each individuality is gathered to.

▶ 10 Core Values

Tobita & Partners is supporting business. 

    1. Deliver "thank you" through overwhelmingly high-quality legal services
    2. Make the impossible Possible
    3. Keep in mind fair play at the place of litigation/negotiation
    4. Challenge new fields that go to the cutting edge of the times
    5. Build open relationships, teams, and organizations through communication
    6. Become a positive mind organization not to be afraid of failure
    7. Support the Growth, Learning, and Challenge of members
    8. Support Happy family life and Private life of members
    9. Be Honest, Passion and Good humor
    10. Be Humble